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Our History

If there is one area where confidence is proof of all, it is insurance and if someone who is very aware of this, it is Richard Martin.
Sir Richard is the head of Richard Francoeur & Associés, a firm well known in the landscape bouchervillois. His father Andrew, the founder, has passed the torch in 1999.

The company began modestly in 1965 and grew slowly, leaving time to build a reputation it maintains today jealously.

During his tenure, Martin Richard continues to work according to the same philosophy that inspired his father's respect for customers and insurers; loyalty, trust, understanding and speed.

Sir Richard has also given the mandate to turn the company into the future. Thus, in 2004, Richard Francoeur & Associés presented its new visual signature. There is now an ellipse that represents the various fields of business.

In addition to traditional insurance, other services are also offered, including financial services, investments, life insurance and RRSPs.

Richard Francoeur & Associés has also gone through the Internet technology that allows it to be connected directly to its suppliers.Result: A faster and effective for its customers.

The company is also a member of the Intergroup banner which allows it to target new markets while having access to a larger pool of insurers.

Mr. Richard is not alone in this adventure. It relies on a team. It is also supported by his wife, Myriam Roy.

This is a family tradition that is not about to end.